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Mike Lawson, Chair of the Board

Mike Lawson

Chair of the Board


Mike Lawson received his education with an undergraduate degree in Education, masters degree and rank I in public school administration from University of Kentucky and Western Kentucky University. He was the school principal until 1979 in Woodford County and also has experience in real estate, building, and land development bank director for 22 years.

“Caves were a big part of my life in high school, I was a cave guide for 5 years, explored countless caves in the area that included Mammoth Cave and on occasion even slipping in Hidden River Cave in the cover of night.”

Mike became involved with ACCA after meeting David Foster in the fall of 2019. His background in education, building, and finance seemed to fit with the ACCA mission.

His goals are to work to help create a secure and stable financial future for ACCA. Financial security will enable the ACCA to better focus efforts on conservation, education, and local economic benefits.

The American Cave Conservation Association (ACCA) is a National 501 (c) 3 Nonprofit Organization.
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Mike Lawson, Chair of the Board