Aaron Robertson

Hidden River Cave Guide

Aaron Robertson-Hidden River Cave Guide
Aaron Robertson is from Corbin, KY and has worked at Hidden River Cave for over a year.
More About Aaron

His experience includes studying at Eastern Kentucky University for three years and Cincinnati State for one year. He worked as a rail conductor for 20 years and as a firefighter at Shelbyville Fire and Rescue for three years. He has been caving since he was a young teenager, mostly along the Rockcastle River area. His favorite hobbies are anything outdoors related such as: caving, hiking, rock climbing and herping. He is currently a guide at Hidden River Cave doing the biplane, rappel station, wild cave tours and a cave guide.

Fun Fact: Arachnophobia.

Greg Hogan

Hidden River Cave Guide

Greg Hogan-Hidden River Cave Guide
Greg Hogan was born in Cave City, Kentucky but moved to Louisville, Kentucky where he spent most of his life growing up.
More About Greg
He worked 41 years with the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, retired and then started working at Hidden River Cave in 2016. Greg says the best part of the job is sharing the cave with people from all over the world and being a zipline and rappel guide. He started caving when he began working at the cave in 2016 and when he is not working, he likes to fish, golf and work around his house that was built in 1877.

Brooklynn Sallee

Hidden River Cave Guide

Brooklynn Sallee-Hidden River Cave Guide
Brooklynn Sallee grew up in Horse Cave, Kentucky and has been working at Hidden River Cave for over a year now.
More About Brooklyn
She is a zip line, rappel, and cave tour guide. She graduated high school in May of 2019 and plans on going to college in August of 2020. Her favorite part about working at the cave is that she has some of the greatest friends, explores a beautiful cave, and gets to meet new people everyday. She has only been caving for a year now when she started working at the cave. Her favorite hobby is anything to do with the outdoors. She loves hiking and looking for artifacts. A fun fact about her is that even though she works at a cave, she is scared of the dark.
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